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Formed by experienced and successful professionals in the field with long careers in banking and legal practices DV01 is one of the prime providers of management and servicing of loans & credits services.
Focussing on SME and Corporate loans and credits we aim to become one of Greece's prime local service providers of superior performance.
We are an independent manager of loans and credits with a strict policy safeguarding the interest of clients from conflicts and biases that may arise.
We implement a comprehensive methodology for the effective and efficient management of client portfolios of loans & credits, in line with set client objectives.
We are a licensed manager/ servicer of loans and credits in Greece.
We implement focussed, individualised, specific, up-to-date, consistent and targeted rehabilitation and recovery strategies benefitting from business and sponsor knowledgeable, financially expert, legally effective, innovative and internationally linked implementation

Our Team

Harry M. Kyrkos

Chairman of the Board

With a long career in banking Harry has held positions of significant responsibility in the Greek banking system. He has been the Executive Vice-Chairman of the Hellenic Financial Stability Fund since its inception in 2010 and until February 2013, handling the most significant part of the restructuring of the Greek banks.  Previously, partner at E&Y serving as regional head for financial institutions in Eastern & Southern Europe.  Earlier, in Eurobank Group for 12 years serving as Group Chief Risk Officer and Board Member.  Before that, served as CEO and Managing Director of Egnatia Bank, Managing Director of Banque National de Grèce in Paris, General Manager of ETEVA, and treasurer of ACE (a JV of Sedgwick P.L.C. and the Olayan group). Begun his career as credit and marketing officer at Bank of America.  Recently, involved in various advisory assignments cooperating with Grant Thornton as a Senior Advisor.

Dimitrios V. Vlachos

Chief Executive Officer

Dimitri Vlachos has over 20 years banking experience in Athens and London.  With investment banking and corporate finance structuring background, developed expertise in managing corporate NPLs for Eurobank in Greece (a portfolio of EUR 270 mn) and internationally (Romania, Bulgaria, Poland and Turkey, a portfolio of 140 mn).  In 2014, in a plan to make Geniki Bank the NPL manager for Piraeus Bank group, devised, planned and coordinated the development of Geniki’s Servicing Operating Model for Corporate NPL portfolios, and the relevant IT platform. Also, overlooked the same for the Retail NPL portfolios as member of the project steering committee.  In 2013 served as Deputy CEO and successfully restructured and sold New TT Hellenic Post Bank to Eurobank.  Since 1998  held various senior positions in Hellenic Bank, Marfin Laiki Bank and Hellenic Financial Stability Fund. Previously worked as an investment banker for Bankers Trust in London and Ionian Finance in Athens.

Constantinos S. Klissouras

General Counsel

Constantinos Klissouras has extensive experience with cross border disputes and proceedings, including cross border and domestic litigation and arbitration, contentious and non-contentious matters involving distressed, leveraged and structured finance, non-performing loans (NPLs), insolvency and restructuring, creditor take-overs, procurement and construction, fraud, and general commercial disputes.  He has authored and co-authored in English on finance, restructuring and insolvency, including Greek insolvency law in the Collier International Business Insolvency Guide (Matthew Bender/Lexis-Nexis rel. 2004-2010), security interests (CILS - Oceana 2006), cash pooling (GLB, 2012 and 2016), the HR Privatization Programme (Law and Financial Markets Review, 2012), financing domestic and cross-border group restructurings (Oxford University Press, 2015), and resolving private sector insolvency (Hellenic Bankers’ Association / Palgrave MacMillan, Studies in Banking and Financial Institutions, in press).  He is a Senior Vice-chair of the Insolvency Section of the International Bar Association, a Fellow of the Centre for International Legal Studies, a Gerson Lehrman Educator, and a member of the Hellenic Procedural Law Association and the Hellenic Commercial Lawyers Association.  Member of the Athens Bar, admitted to the Supreme Court.
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