aims to become one of the main providers of services in the small, medium and large corporate NPLs segment in Greece.


DV01's founders are experienced bankers and lawyers with significant practical expertise and successful track record in managing NPLs in Greece.


DV01 Asset Management is a licensed management company of loans and credits, and portfolios thereof, in Greece.¬† It is governed by the legal framework for the establishment of the market for the management and sale of Loans & Credits to non-bank financial institutions.​

Scope of Business

DV01 will work with existing and new owners of small, medium and large corporate NPLs offering management/servicing services under a fully developed methodological framework.

Our Services

Loans & Credits Management/ Servicing

Guarranted Independence
Long & Successful Experience
Financial Muscle
Complete Methodology
International Dimension

On - Off Boarding

Able Resources
Technical Support
Legal Expertise

Portfolio Assessment & Review

Corporate Focus
Business Viability Assessment
Financial Expertise
Local Knowledge
No Conflicts
All Services

Internationally Connected

DV01 maintains close ties with international investors in the market for the acquisition of Loans & Credits. Also with funds interested in attaining equity or other financing participation in viable businesses in Greece

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